5 Best At-Home Equipment To Get You Started Under $40

During these times, it's like everyone is getting their at home gyms set-up and I cannot be more ecstatic to see it! In this article, I picked my top 5 pieces of equipment that you can purchased exclusively on Amazon. The best part, is that I researched these pieces of equipment and you can get them and complete your at-home set-up for under $40. If finances are tight or you are just getting start, these items will be right for you! I am going to go straight into the point within each item and list how much they are going for. Hope you find these helpful and see yourself using them!

1. Loop Resistance Bands

These bands are ideal when working with your lower-body, aka trying to build that booty! Even if you are focusing on building strength in your legs these are the best.

Resistance bands for legs and butt can help you solve the problem of the body shape.

With these bands, they come with different sizes so once you pass the beginner stage, you'll have two more bands to use that will be more challenging! These are definitely my favs, and I absolutely love the color.

You can grab these right now on Amazon for $13!

2. Ankle weights

These are my second favorite because these add a great flavor when paired with the loop resistance bands or just used by yourself! Whether doing some burpees, jumping jacks, or kick-backs, these ankle weights add that extra piece of challenge we all need.

These are on sale now for $9.99

3. Jump Rope


You can't have an at-home gym set-up without an actual jump rope! I have had people say that they are scared of using it or are just traumatized from being smacked with one when they were a kid but honestly, 5 minutes of jump-rope is such a great way to get that heart pumping!

I use these at least once a day & highly recommend adding them into your equipment box! These are adjustable, stylish, and affordable.

You can find them on special for $9 here


4. High-Waisted Shorts with pockets

One thing we all need are clothes that we can use comfortably, while we perform our workouts. I suggest these during your next sweat sesh because of the side durable & flexible material. Making these shorts usable for your workouts and even for lounging around the house or even styled with a nice graphic tee for a day out with friends!

These come in many colors and sizes, ranging from $8-$15. Grab them now before they are gone!


5. Resistance Bands with Handles

These are perfect for a lot of upper-body exercises, like bicep curls, presses, and even up-right rows which are some of my favorites to perform with these bands. I always have these in my gym bag and implement them in all of my at-home workouts!

Check them out here and grab them at a beginner level for only $11


It was really hard for me to put together my top 5, but each one of the items I listed in this article are essential to my fitness routine and have kept me consistent with my at-home exercises! Below I added a bonus item that every person should have. Whether you do yoga, pilates, crossfit, or dance, everyone can benefit from having their space with a floor mat. Comfortable to sit and perform your stretches before you start or when you end your workouts!

6. Floor Mat with Cotton Strap


Above is my top 5, but who said we are going to do the exercises on the floor?! I am adding this in the mix for those that need a good quality mat at an affordable rate.

You can snag these for only $5 on Amazon!


7. At-Home Full Body Plan

Of-course, if you don't have a trainer and need something to follow along to on your own, my 8 Week Summer Body Shape-Up plan would help you build your fitness routine and help you shed that stubborn fat and gain lean muscle!

Check it out here or any of my other online guidebooks!


Let me know what you think of these items and feel free to share with your friends & family! These make for awesome and affordable gifts for your athletic sister or cousin, or friend!



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