5 Ways To Make Your At-Home Workouts Better

With all of this quarantine thing, we are all pretty much forced to do EVERYTHING from home. For those that have always imagined working from home, here is your chance to really put yourself to the test to see if you can handle the pressures that come with it. In this article, I share 5 ways that you can make your at-home workouts even better. Whether you do yoga, weight lifting, or dance, these 5 tips can help you focus better on your goals if you apply them.

1. Create A Routine

Having a healthy routine (that means AM & PM), will really help you prioritize your time the way you need to. Coordinate your time the way you need to. By that I mean coordinate your work schedule, personal hobbies, and self-care into the 24 hours we have every day. Here is an example of my Monday routine as an online trainer:
p.s it is 2020, let's start to love Mondays, okay?!
Having a solid routine is essential for a healthy overall lifestyle. I do recommend picking a set routine that works for you and implement the small daily habits to build up into a solid routine. It takes time but in the end, you will acquire more self-accountability and confidence in yourself to be disciplined.

2. Have your space (physically)

Having your space physically can mean two things. Having a physical space, where this step is very important because you need to have your area, secluded from anything else. Make sure its a comfortable space. Somewhere you can feel like you can do your best, whatever it is that you were doing that day. Also, having your own space physically can mean that you are having physical space from others that you live with. A spouse, children, or roommates, letting them know of what you'll be doing and hoping they will support you by either giving you your space or by joining in on what you are doing!

3. Get the right equipment

If you are just starting out, I do recommend reading this article where I share the best at-home equipment, under a budget! Click here to read

4. Have your space (mentally)

At this step, you want to make sure that your mindset is ready for the change. You must have the right mindset, the right intention, and the right goals. Think of WHY you are working on your fitness and what you are going to do to get there. Understand that things take time and the more dedicated you are, the faster you'll see results. Read this article where I talk about mental health and why its so important to me to bring awareness to positive mindsets!

5. Follow the right program

Of course, you don't want to start doing something without fully knowing how to execute it. Research is very important during this step. Picking the right program is essential to your goals! Below I will share an e-book I created for women trying to lose stubborn fat in target areas and build healthier and leaner muscle. Make sure to do your research on other articles and backtrack on your goals to make sure they match.
Always remember that routines take time and applying these tips takes discipline. I hope this helps you to go further into your fitness journey. If you ever need any help, email me at hello@daisyfdzfit.com, I would love to hear from you!
Xo, Daisy

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