Daily Affirmations - Here's A Few To Help Start Your Day

Have you ever heard of an affirmation? You may laugh at the thought of it at first but trust- it helps!

Definition of affirmation

noun af·​fir·​ma·​tion | \ ˌa-fər-ˈmā-shən \

A: something affirmed : a positive assertion

Imagine you are in a rut, some people will remind themselves that this too shall pass. You've heard that one, right? Of course you have! It might not be direct to you personally or what you're dealing with but you can definitely use it to remind yourself that the things going on right now, will pass! There are so many ways you can affirm that you want things done a certain way or want them to take a different direction.
Below you will find examples I have seen people use and have used myself!

Personal Affirmations:

" I am strong"

" I am willing "

" I deserve all of the great things life has to offer me"

Relationship Affirmations:

"I attract like-minded, and loving individuals into my circle"

"I will spread love to every one with no expectations of anything in return"

Money Affirmations:

"Money comes to me abundantly and frequently"

"I am financially stable and will get better with my finances every day"

"I am in a space where finances do not affect me but where I can affect my finances"

Religious Affirmations:

" I know there is a Lord that will be there when the war in my head is to strong for me"

"God has a purpose for me. I will not give up"

Those are just a few examples! Hope you enjoyed! Drop your every day affirmation down below!



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