Mental Health: As Real As It Gets

According to Miriam-Webster Dictionary, this is the definition of mental health:

men·tal health

noun; a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.


Let's be real; when you hear the words mental health, do you have a negative connotation to them? Most probably, you do. Nowadays, we can't even think of mental health without thinking of the negative sides of it but it's not always bad. Yes, it is part of the society now that we have been upfront with mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and many more. It's about time that we implement healthy habits into our lives to really tackle those obstacles that will come our way & not let them affect us mentally or emotionally. We don't realize that those things will eventually affect us physically. Leading to death in most cases.


I decided to write about this because I have dealt with my own mental health issues, survived & definitely came along way. I do my part every day to help others by posting inspirational content, sharing my experiences, and speak life into my peers. It isn't always easy to open up which I do want to share my story with the world to be able to provide reassurance for those that deal with the same thing, that everything will be okay & that they are not alone.

There are so many wonderful foundations & organizations that provide help for those that need it but unfortunately, we ALL need help. We all need to be guided and pushed to continue to be positive, happy, and loving individuals. I see so many people on social media rave about negative shit. When is the "don't take my tweets seriously" phase going to end? When are people going to respect one another? When are people going to realize that we all deal with our own shit behind closed doors or when we are alone? When are we just going to just be kind and spread love to strangers rather than judging? It all starts with you. You as an individual to be able to make that change. It starts with me. It starts with me realizing my strengths, weaknesses, & insecurities, face them and not be fearful but use them to my advantage. I have been able to overcome a lot of things in my life but insuring my mental health has always been a challenge. We let a lot of outside sources get into our heads and it's not right to spread that negativity or ugly personality traits onto others & the sad part is, we don't realize how much we do it on the daily. It's as simple as seeing a really funny meme but realizing that it actually talks about suicide or maybe even hating your life. Yup. I went there. There is content out there that is spread that we don't see in the moment as negative but they will sit in our subconscious. It just happens that way.
At some point, we all have to realize that we have one life to live and if you are dealing with mental health challenges, this paragraph is for you. You are NOT alone. There are so many people suffering in silence and nobody deserves that, especially you. Every one on earth has something to bring yo the table and you might not know it right now, or you do and you just aren't there yet mentally & emotionally, but if you just keep going, doing what you love, and stay positive & patient, you will get there. We have one life to live and it is SO beautiful. Don't ever forget that. Take time for yourself. Focus more on self care. Do more things that you love because you don't deserve the biggest value you have in life, which is time. You are loved by someone, even if you feel so alone. Everyone is caught up in their own lives and it may seem lonely but its okay. Embrace that time alone, its the best time to get to know yourself more. Reach out to friends more if you feel the need to but don't want to. Just do it. The worst thing you can do is not go out. Don't stop reading; this is it. You cannot do life alone. No matter what anyone tells you. "Born alone, die alone" No. Life is meant to be enjoyed with others & trust me, there are people in this world that want to be around a beautiful soul like you. If you don't feel like you have that right now, then you need to analyze the people around you and maybe meet some new faces. Trust that you can still meet new people & build a whole new circle, square, triangle whatever, just a whole new environment. You will get through it. It may always seem like the dark cloud lingers, but the rain will pass so the sun can shine again.
If you or a loved one is going through mental health challenges and you don't know what to do, please seek help. Speaking to a professional or reaching out to loved-ones can really help you to deal with these issues. Here is the Suicide Hotline for emergencies. They even have an online chat to answer any questions & assist you.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours everyday



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