Overthinking- How It Can Ruin Things Rather Than Fixing Them

Oh yeah. I went there. Keep reading to see why overthinking can kill your dreams and then eventually, kill you.

Does this guy look happy thinking? NOPE. This is what you look like overthinking and analyzing every damn situation.

I personally have dealt with this for years. Overthinking. Overanalyzing. For what? To delay my actions? To push away opportunities or people? NO. That's not why I do it but 99.9% of the time- that is what happens. "I don't have any wrong intentions, just trying to tell them how I feel" is what I say back to myself when a conversation doesn't go as planned. Most of the time, there is a negative outcome when I overthink & it is time we all accept that overanalyzing situations can really ruin things for us.

Imagine. That one business idea you've had, you've pushed back because you feel as though your content isn't good enough, you don't have motivation to continue or you just don't feel creative at all to even create content to start. You are delaying your process and furthermore, will continue to react the same way whenever something happens to you. It's just a pattern you are creating for yourself and you need to realize that its time to STOP.


What if you are in new relationship and the person says something you didnt expect to hear and you start thinking, "Is he/she saying this because of their subconscious mind? Do they really mean this? Why would they say this? What can I do to dig deeper?" STOP! Just stop. At the end of the day, even if you dug deeper, you will not know exactly what they are feeling and at the end of the day you cannot control everything! So it's time to put the overthinking to rest, especially in a new relationship you are enjoying and pursuing. You cannot control what they are thinking and you cannot control their actions- only yours.


We have full control over a lot of things in our lives but the one thing you should always remember is that you have control over how you react to things that happen to you. Consider Mel Robbins' tip which is the '5 Second Rule'. Whenever you have a thought in your head, and you want to analyze it and "dig deeper", spend 5 seconds, only 5 seconds on that certain thought and then just let it go. Let it go. No matter how hard it is. Get up, go take a walk, listen to some music, call a friend, write it out but for Gods' sake, LET. IT. GO.


The main thing to remember is that, in this process of overthinking you are just delaying goods things to happen to you and that will ruin you. It will make your thoughts automatically negative and make you lose trust in things & people. No matter what you've gone through, we are only here for one life, we are all going to die one day, so are you going to spend more time thinking about something that at the end of the day, it won't matter?

Do you agree? Let's chat. Share with us in the comments an experience you had that involved overthinking and it having a positive/negative outcome!




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