Social Distancing - The Right Way

In these times, we realize that a lot of people are going through a tough time- us too. There are times where obstacles will try to

hold us back entirely but we must power through and come up with different strategies and/or routines when things aren't working. In this article, I will share tips for creating a better and work-focused space and more for working at home. I will also share things that you can do if you are feeling lonely, stressed, or both. This can be a tough time, but it is all about your mindset. If you are positive about it, no matter the process or outcome, it will get better!

- Working From Home?

If you have never worked from home before, you are probably stuck in this type of vortex of sleep, eating and non-productive activities that are you keeping you from bringing in any income. Trust me that in this time, you are not alone. There are a lot of individuals, couples, and families wondering where they are going to bring in next months check from and are struggling to come up with a plan. It starts with your mindset- again. Creating a solid work schedule for yourself is ideal whether you are your own boss & have been doing this for a while or if you are working with a company that is having you work remotely.


Create a schedule

Whether you are already doing a 9-5 or have worked from home in the past, a schedule is essential to prioritize your time with your responsibilities. I recommend using Google Calendar if you have a google account. I use this for my personal and business scheduling and with the flexibility of changing colors to organize each task, meeting, or reminder. With a company, it will be easier as you are aware of your daily tasks, that putting it into your calendar is easier to organize and separate from your personal schedule. As your own boss, you should have that prioritized already but it may become more difficult if you have others in your household like a spouse or children. Setting that time aside for you to get things done in your business and then focus on doing things later that don't really need our attention.

Social Distance with peers

Incorporating video calls is a huge tip that can truly benificial when working from home. It will allow you to still socialize with your peers in the comfort of your home. It can sound dreadful at first until you are actually on the call! Try it out this week with your next few meetings!

Stay focused

Staying focused might be a hard thing to overcome but its possible. If you are with others in your home that have never worked from home before, you must make sure to set that work-time in place, with 0 distractions. Letting everyone know and also holding them accountable will help keep the productivity high in your home, just make sure you keep that positive attitude!

Have some focus playlist on in the background, set up and clean your workspace, and make sure you don't let your phone distract you! Here is a Spotify playlist I recommend if you want something calming but with beats that keep you entertained and laser-focused:

Keep yourself organized

Other things that can help you stay focused and organized are things you probably do daily anyway, but I will help you move them to a more digitalized system. If you use google chrome, download 'Momentum'. This program is an extension you can download that replaces your boring home screen and allows you to add your to-do list, daily intention, and even gives you positive quotes & calming slideshow of sceneries! That way you can transfer any paper to-do list and just cross them off on your desktop while getting ready to get your next task done, all in one place! I just started using it and it has helped me when I am brain dumping all of my to-do lists on paper and can just filter through them and actually get them done. I even feel satisifed when I am able to check them off on my computer rather than crossing it off on my paper.

Feeling lonely and stressed?

With these stressful times, it is completely normal to feel alone and confused. We might not be fully aware of every situation, but at least we can be aware of ourselves. Prioritizing our self-care will push us further in life, some of us just don't know it. Here I am going to share a few tips on what to do to get you to feel more aligned, happy, and less worried!

- Grab a journal or a piece of paper and write down 3 things that you are grateful for in this moment. Here are mine:

1. Food in my refrigerator

2. My health

3. The roof I have over my head

If yours are similar, that is great! Whatever you can think of that will give you a sense of gratitude is the goal.

Next, feel free to play any music that you know will put you in a good mood. Here is a playlist I LOVE to listen to whether I am having a concert in the shower or just need a little pick-me-up when I am down in the dumps.

Call your friends and family. We never know what others are going through and doing a quick check-up of our friends or family, just to ask them, "How are you doing today?', "How is your mental health at this moment?". Providing that support will not only make you feel better but allow you to socialize while still keeping that distance. Don't forget this part! It is vital for us as humans, especially if you deal with mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, you must find the time to socialize with those in your circle.

Have an at-home workout or stretch! Moving your body is going to make you feel better. Put your phone away and just lay on the floor, bring your knees to your chest, stretch out those legs! Look up different 5-minute yoga stretches or even put up a challenge by jumping on an IG live or perform an actual workout (I have shared a few of my favorites on my Instagram @daisyfdzfit). Focusing on your inside will allow for a more positive outside! I guarantee you will feel better by just moving your body

One extra step would be to take it outside. If you are working out, or just need to sit for a few minutes and enjoy the breeze. I find at least 10-50 minutes to go outside. Now that we are trapped at home, we are forced to be in our homes and just not sure when we can roam the outside world again. My partner hasn't had trouble, as he is a natural introvert, he can be home glued to his computer for hours. Me on the other hand, I have to separate that distance from my bed to my workspace, to the outside world.

More tips to making social distance better

- Dont let yourself go crazy. When you start to feel overwhelmed with your next move, find some time to meditate. Take 2 minutes to focus on your breathing and get back to a calm state.

-Have a morning routine, rather than just jumping right in. Start your morning outside of your home – either with a walk around the block for some fresh air or take a yoga class on YouTube.  

- Remember to prioritize your time. Allow yourself to take time away from your personal responsibilities to work on your business and vice-versa. You will have time later in the day to work on things.

We’ve all found ourselves adjusting to cancellations, disrupted industries, and work-from-home policies as social distancing takes hold. During this trial, be productive but realistic. Connect with yourself and stay virtually connected with your coworkers and friends. Take simple steps to create boundaries between work and home and continue to prioritize your mental health – in whatever way that works for you. I hope you are keeping safe and healthy. 


Daisy Fernandez

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