The Morning Routine to Get You on Track

Setting and sticking to a routine is very difficult, I will not lie to you. I am not going to share this "5 AM Morning Routine to be RICH". Nope. In this article, you well have a simple routine given to you. You just have to do the hard part- which is to follow it. The result is definitely worth the hard work that you put in to setting a solid morning routine.

Why do people have routines, you may ask? Well, everyone has one, whether you know it or not. Its what you do on the daily! Just like habits, they are done subconsciously after time and will set the tone for your life. It's just that acquiring a new morning routine requires some determination and putting up the sucky parts of it.
I don't have to write up a pros & cons list for you, just cause the obvious is that the pro is waking up earlier to have more time in your day, while the con one is the same thing, waking up earlier; well because- we enjoy our sleep. The main thing you have to keep in mind is your "why". Why do you want to wake up earlier? Are you even an early bird?
Answer yourself those two questions and continue reading for the solid routine to get you on track towards your goals.
In the beginning, you should mentally prepare yourself. That I mean by, making sure you have some breakfast pre-made if you are very hungry in the mornings, clothes prepared for the day, all the tasks you need to get accomplished, etc. - all things ready for the new day coming. Once you do that, the rest is up to you to applying and progressing every day. Remember, you will not always have good days, but you still have the power to decide whether you want to have a good day or not. Why not make that decision bright and early before your day even starts? Catch my drift on why successful people have an healthy morning routine?(They just wake up at 5 am and we have to start slow. Baby steps)

Solid Ideal Morning Routine for Working at Home

Make sure morning alarms are set. Times & tasks listed in this article should be changed based on your schedule
- 8 AM: Take your time waking up; It will take you a few minutes to fully wake up on the first day of this new system. Take your time and make sure that your first alarm is set at least 30 minutes prior to the time you need to be up & at 'em. The best thing you can do once you wake up is go to the bathroom and wash your face. Just to get that guck out of your eyes plus the cold water and brushing your teeth will awaken your senses.
- 8:15 AM: Move your body; move as in, move, move that body! You can even go back into your bed, just make sure that its fully made, comforter and all. Do some light stretches. Focus on your breathing. Don't grab any pieces of technology just yet. Doing movements that feel comfortable to you. If you plan to have an early morning workout, you can adjust the schedule in this routine to your liking.
- 8:30 AM: Set the tone for the day; by this I mean, grab a journal, piece of paper or your phone and write in these 3 questions:
- What 3 things am I grateful for?
- What 3 things can I work on for myself today?
- What 3 things do I love about myself?
Once completed, write down your thoughts. Let your mind flow. Even if it's just a couple sentences, you are taking your time to listen to your body & soul. It's very much needed and the 1% of successful people in the world, do this everyday.
- 9:00 AM: Empower yourself; do this as you are getting ready for the day. Putting your clothes on, showing up as the person you aspire to be- even if it is just in front of your colleagues on an online zoom call. Empower yourself with some type of knowledge. If that isn't your thing, pick up a book and read something about self-development and use that content to help push you to accomplish those 3 things you told yourself you'd work on.
By this time, within just 1 hour, you have set the tone for your day and are ready to get your tasks done! Depending on whenever you eat breakfast, you can adjust the time in this schedule.
This routine is best suitable for those that need a fresh start to their day. In this day and age, we are glued to technology and are frying are eyes and brains without even knowing it. So rather than picking up your phone right away, I encourage you to take the first hour of your day for yourself. Or your faith. Or anything else that will push you to be the most successful and happy human you can possibly be. Always remember, that new habits and systems take time to get used to. If you fail the first day, you'll have more days to try again, just never give up.
Till next time,

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