Traveling To NY? Tips To Consider

New York City, the city that never sleeps, literally. I had the pleasure of traveling solo to NY to visit a close friend & explore the streets of this beautiful yet frankly loud city. I came up with a few tips to consider for your next trip!


1. Use the train tracking app

Trust, trust, TRUST! This is super helpful because the trains are so freaking confusing, especially when you are by yourself. I found myself going in circles sometimes just yo find the entrance to the train stations. From the street signs to the taxis, the transportation is definitely intimidating but once you know where you are heading, you will be fine.

The app did only let me down once and ended up putting me on a train taking me to the not-so-good parts of the Bronx but I made it to my destination with a much quicker and reliable method, Uber.

App: NYC Transit: MTA Subway, Rail, Bus Tracker

2. Visit more populated areas

The one thing I noticed while traveling solo as a female, is that men don't hold back. I had men follow me. I had men constantly come up to me whether I was dining or just simply people watching in Times Square. I realized that I need to really be careful and watch my surroundings because even though there are people around, they might not always see what is going on. Do your best to stay around highly-populated areas, especially closer to the evening time as there are a lot of people roaming the streets throughout the night.

3. Always keep your cellular devices charged, but try not to be on them

This one is a big one to consider as if you are traveling by yourself, you are going to rely on your phone to get you places, keep you in contact with others, and share your travels with your socials. But the main thing is paying attention to your surroundings. It happens way too often where others do not realize the trouble they put themselves in by just constantly being on their phones. Whether it be at a gas station pump waiting for the gas to fill up, or sitting and waiting for the train. Keep a close eye for the people around you and make sure to have chargers handy to fuel up your devices. Worst case scenario, you get lost or miss the train, but luckily you will have your phone to guide you back.

4. Research restaurants, events/venues, and clubs on Yelp/IG

One of the biggest things I realized was that not everyone is friendly in NYC and most of the time, you will be by yourself, figuring things out by yourself. Rely on apps like Yelp & Instagram to find out about specials, events, and restaurants before going to them. That way you can see the vibe, the environment and the atmosphere to see if it somewhere you'd like to go. The opinion of others can be useful feedback but at the end of the day, it may not be something you'd like to do. So research what is going on around the time you are traveling to NYC to be able to enjoy your time there.

I recommend these things below to do if you are by yourself or with a fellow travel partner:

- Visit the MOMA or MET museums

- Rent a bike and ride around Central Park

- Enjoy oysters at a nearby fish house

- Have a drink at a rooftop bar

- Eat NY pizza on Times Square

- Visit the shops you love at Times Square

Hope you enjoyed these tips!



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