What it's like being a Fitness Coach, from a fitness coach.

"It's hard. It's sweaty. The process is not for the weak. Some days I question myself and wondering if I am doing the right thing."


If I want to be completely honest, this is how I want to start this article. Being a fitness coach isn't all that people make it out to be. It takes time, it takes grit, it takes time in the field and major dedication to understanding the role of a fitness coach or a personal trainer.

Many sign up and enroll for certified personal trainer courses and can educate themselves, but being in the action and understanding what you are really doing is the toughest but most beneficial thing all successful trainers go through. In this article, I will be breaking down a few things that makeup what a fitness coach is supposed to be. I added a special guest at the bottom of this article to share the greatest part about being a personal trainer!

The main role that fitness coaches have to have is discipline. Most individuals think that personal trainers are robots. Seriously? We are human too. It's not easy for us to constantly stay in shape and stick to the perfect routines. In this world, nothing is perfect. We strive for progress. Those striving for perfection will never appreciate their progress. Fitness coaches should have the right mindset, but understand that we go through things too, just like you and the next person. The benefits we reap can be so rewarding. The way we get our client's results is by taking care of ourselves too!

Along with discipline, it takes consistency. We are growing our business from a hobby that we genuinely enjoy. It's extremely difficult to separate the two and remind ourselves that we are growing a business. I encourage the rapport and bond that can possibly be built between myself and my clients! The goal for us is to educate you to retain all the information we are teaching you, to eventually not need us anymore. We want you to know to understand nutrition, how your body operates, and remember each exercise that you are executing. The right trainers will want you to be confident in yourself and teach you how to do so.

The hardest thing most trainers deal with is pushing the borders for our clients. Mental health is very important and everyone has to check themselves to make sure they are genuinely happy with themselves. Most of the time, trainers get their clients because they desperately need the change physically. You have to remember that there is a lot of mental roadblocks that a successful and caring trainer will get you to overcome. Self-doubt starts to set in if you are in the contemplation stage, when you are thinking of training, or when you have already started and you start to think if this is the right thing for you.

Whether you have a great trainer or a shitty one, you will know. Hiring a trainer is a huge investment and its time that people start seeing it that way rather than going for cheap. Trainers are there to help you physically, but also should help you mentally. A positive mindset will help you overcome many obstacles, remember that when starting your training program. The discipline a successful trainer has, will then droop onto you and will inspire you to push yourself more. You won't acknowledge the self-doubt so much because you know that there is someone that believes in you. Appreciate it and keep that open mindset. Its not the easiest thing to do to become or hire a trainer, but both ends reap the best benefits.

Here is a thought from a successful trainer here in Miami, FL:

Fanny Rivas

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

"Being a fitness coach is empowering and self-motivating. Being a fitness coach is being held reliable and accountable for others and yourself. Many people expect a whole lot from a fitness coach and we do our best to provide & make our clients content with the life they live. Fitness coaches do their best to motivate, uplift, & inspire others when in many situations, us fitness coaches, need all that as well. That’s why being a fitness coach is an amazing profession. The motivation we share thrives off on others and it all reciprocates back to us. The motivation is endless."

Written by Daisy Fernandez, Exercise Therapy Specialist

Miami, FL

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