Why Self-Discipline is a Major Key in Success

Discipline. A word we have heard since childhood & instantly thought of consequences and "time-outs". I never thought that having self-discipline as an adult would be such a drastic change in my life.

Self-discipline takes time. It's the idea of having full control over your life and choices (great ones obviously). According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, the true definition of the word self-discipline is:

noun self-dis·ci·pline \ ˌself-ˈdi-sə-plən \

; correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement

Regulation of oneself for the sake of IMPROVEMENT. For the sake of improvement.

That can't be any more real. Self-discipline is a huge essential to success in life and creating that abundance around you of all great things.

One major example I can share with you all includes my diet. Cutting out fast food was definitely tough when I was around the age of 8-13 'cause, come on who didn't like getting a toy with their meal & getting your food from the drive-thru? I LOVED FAST FOOD. As I grew up (age of 15), I learned about processed foods and how harmful foods can have permanent damage to your body. So, I had self-disciplined myself to not have processed foods and went about 4 solid months. Then I got a full-time job, and lived on my own. I didn't have time to go home after a long day of school & work to then season, and cook then clean dishes. Heck no. I just took the easy way out and got that fast & fatty food to then start a full on binge. Ruining my day early with McDonalds breakfast, and Mexican food for lunch, then ending my night with a burger from my college cafeteria. Yum.... After a while, everything caught up to me. School, work, this horrid food I was putting in to my body. I wasn't exercising nor sleeping. My body & I were definitely going through it for a while, until I was in such a mentally rough state that I just HAD to do something and get myself out of that whole. That is when self-discipline played a major role in my life again.

Diet is just one example, there are tons of different ways you can practice discipline.

It's about knowing that group of people you surround yourself with, is not a crowd you should be in. Having to cut those toxic people out of your life to bring in others that want to see you succeed and bring out the good side of you.

It's about accepting that your current situation is only temporary. No matter how bad it is, always remind yourself of that light at the end of the tunnel.

It's about getting your ass out of bed early in the morning to get shit done on the weekends as opposed to sleeping, knowing your going to wake up early everyday during the week to go to a job that you probably don't even like.

It's about knowing you can't have any alcoholic drinks for a whole 3 months because of that new diet challenge you have and being perfectly fine& even HAPPY with it. Reminding yourself that you are doing what's right for your body and transforming it into something greater!

I could go on & on, but if you'd like to find out how to discipline yourself with certain habits, check out my post '5 Habits That Self-Disciplined People Do Daily' . It really is all mental. Mental health is really important and to be successful, you must have good daily habits to always make sure you are balanced & ready to seize the day and any opportunities that come to you.

"As we make it our habit to do what is right, follow our conscience, we exercise self-discipline and with time our moral strength and character builds. We build good habits that help us in our commitment to doing the right thing. And, with continued practice and use, our powers of self-discipline and self-denial increase and become automatic, habitual, and natural for us. "

- James Miller Feb. 1989


-Daisy F, xoxo

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